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ESD Guarantee

What is ESD?
Electronic software distribution (ESD, also known as digital distribution or electronic software delivery) refers to the practice of allowing users to download software products electronically (and primarily over the Internet) as opposed to receiving physical media.
ESD as a service can be further broken down based on straight purchase of the software and try-before-you-buy (TBYB). TBYB allows the consumer to try the product for a limited time or with limited features and then, through the software interface, purchase the software from the publisher.
What are the advantages of ESD?
Purchasing ESD products is convenient and saves time and money. The main advantages of ESD over the traditional boxed software are:
  • Fast and Easy - ESD products can be bought, downloaded and installed in minutes, no matter when and where you need it.
  • Lower Prices - ESD products cost less. Because it avoids costs related to packaging, distribution and storage. Also with ESD products, you avoid any shipping/handling fees.
  • Always available - Global access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Latest versions - You can work always with latest versions for lifetime and for free.
How to get the key code?
Once we confirmed your payment is finished, the key code will be sent out immediately to the email address that you provided in the purchase process.
How to active it into full version with key code?
1. Download the latest version from our website.
2. Enter the key code without space in the pop up window.
3. Enter your name and organization with key code. At least fill out NA in the organization if you do not want it.
Have not received the key code?
If you do not receive it, the problem may come from your email filter.
Please send us the software name and your purchase information (such as invoice number, order number), and where you placed the order (Element5, PayPal or the other service provider). We will give you the registration key within one business day after confirmed it. Email to: support@magic-video-software.com.