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A Good Tool to Create Your Own Audio Studio

Here's some sweet music for your ears, if not for your eyes. Magic Music Workshop is a flexible and highly functional music-editing program. It has all the standard music-editing features, including invert, normalize, fade in and out, reverse, and reverberate.

The interface is much more straightforward than in past versions, and most functions are just a button-click away. Beginners should find Magic Music Workshop easier to use than most of its competitors. During testing we were able to effortlessly upload music from CD, a line-in feed and a stereo mix, as well as record live music with a microphone. The program also can burn files to a CD, and supports audio editing as well. The free trial provides ample opportunity to take this editing application for a spin.

Overall, Magic Music Workshop is a good tool for mix masters and music fans looking to create their own home studio.